Research Team

The Business Strategy Research Team

Bernadette DeLamar, Ph.D., Managing Partner
Leads the BSR research team; professionally trained moderator with decades of international research experience, as well as “hands on” marketing positions in the IT industry. Previous executive positions at NOP World, TNS Intersearch, Total Research Corporation and Simmons Market Research Bureau.
Dora Friedman, Research Director
More than two decades managing and reporting qualitative and quantitative projects. Excels at analysis, report writing and graphics. Previous positions with Total Research Corporation, Research 100, FRC Research Corp, and O’Neil Associates
Carol Kornheiser, Qualitative Field Director
A decade of experience managing focus facilities. Personally manages groups and recruits executive depths
Alice Schulte, Project Director
A skilled executive interviewer and analyst, Alice originally developed her interviewing and reporting skills in the broadcast industry for NBC. She previously worked for NOP World.
Anny Bestel, Operation Director
Organizer extraordinaire with over two decades of experience managing complex multi-country projects, most recently with Harris Research
Dave Lyon, Consulting Modeling Guru
One of the recognized experts in modeling and pricing techniques, with a dedication to understanding client issues and producing workable as well as best fit results. Dave often teaches pricing and other multivariate technique seminars for the American Marketing Association as well as private institutions.